Ever just cried/screamed/threw a tantrum because of some stupid boy who wronged you? Well no longer! Here is a list of ways to get over that idiot of a boy who decided he didn’t want your amazing self.
His loss.

10 Ways to Get Over a Perfect Dumb Boy:

  1. Look at yourself in the mirror and admire every thing that he didn’t point out to you when complimenting the other great qualities you had…even though he may have complimented practically every single part of you because he was PERFECT.
  2. Go to the gym more and start eating healthy because your body is a temple, and hey, never hurts to get in shape or even lose some weight! Even if he did tell you that you were perfect the way you are and didn’t need to lose a single pound.
  3. Laugh all the time and have fun with your friends! You should go “boy hunting” and say hi to all the boys you think are cute. They may reject you, but hey, at least you’re putting yourself out there!
  4. Print out a picture of his dumb beautiful devil angel face and then draw a mustache, a unibrow, and devil horns on him…even though he’ll still look good and fucking ROCK that unibrow DAMN HIM. 
  5. Tell your taken friends how happy you are for them and how cute them and their significant other are because it’s great they found each other! Even though you would like to punch them both and rip out you’re hair becaUSE WHY SHOULD THEY GET TO BE HAPPY WHEN YOU’RE MISERABLE.
  6. Binge-watch a bunch of disney movies and appreciate the fact that if you were currently watching movies with that dumb boy, he wouldn’t want to watch disney movies. Except that he said he would love to watch them if it meant he got to spend more time with you…BUNCH A BULLSHIT THAT TURNED OUT TO BE.
  7. Talk shit about him with your friends and tell them how horrible he was and about the very very very very very few things you guys didn’t have in common with each other. Because let’s be honest, you only had evERY SINGLE THING IN COMMON WITH EACH OTHER. 
  8. You love being positive! He was just a silly boy. There will be plenty more and you’ll get over him in no tim—–OH FOR FUCK’S SAKE WHO ARE YOU KIDDING, HE’LL ALWAYS BE ON YOUR MIND EVEN IF YOU MEET ANOTHER GREAT GUY.
  10. Let those emotions be felt and cry if you need to. It’ll get easier after like 8 months…..sort of. But don’t worry, you’re beautiful and though he seemed “perfect”, he wasn’t because he hurt you and didn’t realize how fucking amazing you are!