F= Fiction


Thinking back to when it all first begun was always such a bittersweet thing. Sometimes it was almost hard to remember the very first encounter I had with Elias, but I was pretty sure that it started one night a couple of months ago. Probably in November. Sleep had always been somewhat of an issue for me, but in November it started to get particularly…weirder. It’ll just be easier for me to explain exactly what occurred that night, so let me just jump right in.

I remember it was a Tuesday night because I was feeling extremely tired around 11 o’clock, which was early for me. Tuesday’s were always my busiest days. Deciding to just give into my desire for sleep, I closed the romance book I was reading and turned off the light. From the time my head hit the pillow and the blankets came up to my neck, it probably took around 30 seconds for me to fall into sleep. It had been a long day of school and work and I had barely gotten any sleep the night before, so it wasn’t too surprising I fell asleep as quickly as I had.

A couple of hours later, I woke up just slightly and remember rolling over into a new position. That’s when I felt my body push up against something hard. My eyes shot open and came face to face with the most shocking and vibrant green eyes. Too frightened to even make a noise, all I could do was freeze. Then adrenaline seems to kick in. I rolled over and frantically reach over to turn on my light. The lamp illuminates the room, temporarily blinding my eyes that had been accustomed to the dark. By the time I flip back over and my eyes adjust enough to see who the hell is in my bed, I find…no one.

It didn’t make any sense. There was no way it could have been only I dream. I knew I had felt a solid body against mine and I couldn’t have imagined eyes that brilliantly green. So then how was there simply my messy blankets and the sound of the wind hitting my window? I tried to calm my rapidly beating heart and make my recently awoken brain think about what could have possibly just happened. There didn’t seem to be any logical explanation. In my mind I knew there had been someone next to me in my bed and that is wasn’t just a hallucination.


The second-guessing started to become a regular feeling as well as the mysterious “hallucinations”. Though I didn’t think the green-eyed man in my bed was simply a figment of my imagination or a dream, I wasn’t sure what else to call his appearances. I hadn’t talked with anyone about this for fear that anyone who heard me say there was a beautiful stranger in my bed at night would think I was either crazy or simply just sleeping around. I mean, both were slightly accurate, but that was besides the point.

Typically his appearances were all the same. They occurred at night, but never at a specific hour as if he was trying to make it so I would never be awake when he first arrived. Or poofed in. Who knows how he arrived. I certainly didn’t know how to got there, just that at one point during the night I would awake to see him staring at me, but as soon as I reached for a light, he was gone. The thought that maybe he was a ghost had crossed my mind or some kind of otherworldly creature that could only be seen or felt in the darkness, but that just seemed slightly far-fetched. Or so I thought. Until that one night two months later.

It started off the same. I was bracing myself for the unrestful sleep and the meeting with my mysterious stranger. At this point I wasn’t even scared anymore. Now I was just intrigued and wanted to know more. Wanted to know what he felt like when I wasn’t sleeping. What he smelled like. What his voice sounded like and if he even spoke English. There were just so many questions I had as well as slight concerns.

Somewhere along the lines of why have you been in my bed every night for the past four months? 

And that one special night, I was able to ask those exact questions.