I’d been having very strange, vivid, and sometimes disturbing dreams for quite a while now. But there is one in particular that’s bothering me.

I go to this restaurant. One I know I’ve been to before, yet the layout of it is something I haven’t seen before. Every time I’m in this dream, I seem on edge. I’m always looking around, anxious that I might see his face. Hoping that I see his face.

It used to be that I would see him working as a waiter. He’d come around the corner, but wouldn’t see me. Then we’d make eye-contact and it would feel as though my heart dropped all the way to my toes. It hurt too much to know he saw me and still wouldn’t come say anything.

Recently though, I haven’t seen him there at all. Whenever I look around, I see waiters, but they are never him. I feel a disappointment at this fact, but now analyzing it, I think it’s a good thing I don’t see him anymore. Though I may still constantly think about him and wish that he were still a part of my life, the fact that he never physically appears in my dreams could be a sign of moving on.

At least I hope it is.