1. A friendly winter gnome came trotting through the forest one day, high and mighty on his badger, when he ran into a possum dying his hair blonde. The gnome ran into the possum and the possum spilled the blonde hair dye everywhere, landing on the snow and bushes surrounding them. And what color does blonde hair dye, aka bleach, turn? Yellow.
  2. A bird named Fred was soaring high above the snowy meadow. A ray of sunshine contained in a vial was stuck between his beak. He had come across it on his journey throughout the forest and knew it was just perfect for his little bird babies back at the nest. Sadly, as he was flying, the asshole bird, Bob, came zooming by and bumped into him, causing Fred to drop the vial of sunshine, making the snow below turn a vibrant yellow color.
  3. The golden bones of a goblin melted.
  4. Harry Potter tickled Hagrid just a little bit too much.
  5. Your best (and a little dumb) friend Mike just wanted to test out the theory that an egg would cook in the snow as well as in the sun. It didn’t work.
  6. A unicorn had a bad case of vomiting only the yellow in rainbows.
  7. The squirrels have a secret gang that pour yellow food coloring into the snow just to fuck with all the humans as payback for all the nuts we throw at them.
  8. It’s the remnants of a snowman’s heart when he melts.
  9. Banana graves. Everywhere.
  10. Prancer really needed a potty break.

Um so…yeah I don’t know how to explain this post so just…welcome to my head.