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How to Get Over a Dumb Boy (R)

Ever just cried/screamed/threw a tantrum because of some stupid boy who wronged you? Well no longer! Here is a list of ways to get over that idiot of a boy who decided he didn’t want your amazing self.
His loss.

10 Ways to Get Over a Perfect Dumb Boy:

  1. Look at yourself in the mirror and admire every thing that he didn’t point out to you when complimenting the other great qualities you had…even though he may have complimented practically every single part of you because he was PERFECT.
  2. Go to the gym more and start eating healthy because your body is a temple, and hey, never hurts to get in shape or even lose some weight! Even if he did tell you that you were perfect the way you are and didn’t need to lose a single pound.
  3. Laugh all the time and have fun with your friends! You should go “boy hunting” and say hi to all the boys you think are cute. They may reject you, but hey, at least you’re putting yourself out there!
  4. Print out a picture of his dumb beautiful devil angel face and then draw a mustache, a unibrow, and devil horns on him…even though he’ll still look good and fucking ROCK that unibrow DAMN HIM.  Continue reading “How to Get Over a Dumb Boy (R)”

Being Okay with Being Alone (R)

Recently I’ve been trying to allow myself to feel okay with being single and alone. Not in a sad way. Just in a healthy way. I’ve struggled with feeling lonely and desperately wanting a boyfriend for so long, that it’s come to the point where most everyone around me keeps saying “It’ll happen when you aren’t looking”, or “when you least expect it, that hot guy you’ve been wanting will appear”.

Okay, fine, maybe that’s true if so many people keep telling me that, but it gets to the point where it’s just incredibly irritating. Why do I have to wait and play it off like I’m not searching for someone?

I’ve just decided to fake it till I make it though. Sometimes that’s what’s needed to get by, as sad and annoying as it is. So until this guy shows up, I’m going to try and focus more on myself, the few friends I have, and hopefully on my writing. I haven’t been doing enough of it and I feel kind of sad that more creativity hasn’t been flowing from me.

I have requests on my Kpop blog, but I can’t get myself to do them. I want to write, but at the same time I feel incredibly lazy. What should I write? If anyone has any suggestions or requests, please do let me know!


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Stressed because of Stress

I’ve been doing pretty good with stress lately. Turning my assignments in on time, balancing work with play, and taking time to relax. But for some reason, this week crept up on me and now I feel like I’ve been treading water for days and suddenly I’m beginning to drown because of exhaustion.

I just got a job as a swim instructor for kids, so I’ve been both literally and figuratively treading water for days. It’s very tiring, having to talk loudly for 5 and a half hours straight. Luckily the pool water is 94 degrees so I’m comfortable. Just very itchy afterwards because of the chlorine. I enjoy working with the kids even though it can be very difficult to make kids swim if they don’t want to. A requirement for this job is that I have to do lifeguard training tonight (Friday) from 6pm-9pm, then tomorrow and Sunday from 8am-5pm. Yeah. It’s going to be very long.

Continue reading “Stressed because of Stress”

Momentary Commentary–Are You The One, s5e1 (R)

OKAY. I just decided to create this segment of my blog called “Momentary Commentary”. My current plan for it will be basically exactly how it sounds; my commentary that I have at a moment during a show I’m watching. That show I’m watching at this very moment is MTV’s Are You The One, and it is so unbelievably dramatic and disgusting…I LOVE IT. I 10/10 would recommend.

Now, let us begin with episode 1 of season 5. It’s already the messiest mess and I’m only like 20 minutes in. Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

  1. Hayden is my favorite boy in this house so far. What a goof.
  2. I thought Gianna was nice at first but then she started flirting with and saying she was into Michael (who, let me just say…oh wait, one sec. I’m barfing).
  3. More on Michael: EW times an incomprehensible number. Like. Actually would love to slap.
  4. Kathryn just gave Mike HEAD?????? ON THE FIRST NIGHT??? And then proceeds to tell Ozzy he’s her match. Bitch, what¿ Continue reading “Momentary Commentary–Are You The One, s5e1 (R)”

Mysterious Happenings–Prologue (F)

F= Fiction


Thinking back to when it all first begun was always such a bittersweet thing. Sometimes it was almost hard to remember the very first encounter I had with Elias, but I was pretty sure that it started one night a couple of months ago. Probably in November. Sleep had always been somewhat of an issue for me, but in November it started to get particularly…weirder. It’ll just be easier for me to explain exactly what occurred that night, so let me just jump right in.

I remember it was a Tuesday night because I was feeling extremely tired around 11 o’clock, which was early for me. Tuesday’s were always my busiest days. Deciding to just give into my desire for sleep, I closed the romance book I was reading and turned off the light. From the time my head hit the pillow and the blankets came up to my neck, it probably took around 30 seconds for me to fall into sleep. It had been a long day of school and work and I had barely gotten any sleep the night before, so it wasn’t too surprising I fell asleep as quickly as I had.

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Moving Forward (R)


I’d been having very strange, vivid, and sometimes disturbing dreams for quite a while now. But there is one in particular that’s bothering me.

I go to this restaurant. One I know I’ve been to before, yet the layout of it is something I haven’t seen before. Every time I’m in this dream, I seem on edge. I’m always looking around, anxious that I might see his face. Hoping that I see his face.

Continue reading “Moving Forward (R)”

10 Ways the Snow got Yellow (F)

  1. A friendly winter gnome came trotting through the forest one day, high and mighty on his badger, when he ran into a possum dying his hair blonde. The gnome ran into the possum and the possum spilled the blonde hair dye everywhere, landing on the snow and bushes surrounding them. And what color does blonde hair dye, aka bleach, turn? Yellow. Continue reading “10 Ways the Snow got Yellow (F)”

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